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Photography for Real Estate

As a realtor you are used to working with freelance real estate photographers and you will no doubt be familiar with many of the challenges that poses. Availability can be spotty, photographers (we call them Shooters) can be difficult to reach when they are busy. Edits can take a long time, particularly when photographers are out on other appointments. Something often happens causing cancellations and leaving you without a property photographer.

At VistaBee we have one of the largest teams of real estate photographers in New York City, so you are not reliant on just one individual. This gives you flexibility when scheduling. When you have a difficult tenant or seller we will be able to accommodate their schedule.

When you need New York real estate photography, floor plans, video, Matterport, drone photography or virtual staging, we have got you covered. Our packages are fully customizable so you only pay for what you need. Whether it's a studio apartment or a luxury townhouse, you can get what you require.

Photo Editing: Professional Real Estate Photography

If you are active on social media, why not take advantage of our video offer which includes a social media optimized version. This is ideal for Instagram and Facebook reels and can help you drive additional interest in your listing. We can also help you with an Agent Profile Video, where you can deliver your best pitch in an easily digestible format and attract new listings.

All our photography is full HDR, so the interiors are perfectly exposed, nice and bright, and you can see the window views clearly. If you prefer not seeing out the window (which can sometimes detract) we are flexible and will accommodate for this.

Better real estate photography with the VistaBee platform

We understand things can be fluid, so we have a generous cancellation / reschedule policy. As long as we have reasonable notice (before end of business hours the day before) you can reschedule at no extra cost.

We are also experienced in unattended shoots, so if you're unable to be there yourself we are happy to have the superintendent let us in, collect keys at the front desk, or meet the seller or tenant. You can leave instructions for the photographer on the order page, both for access and any particular angles you want. If the building has heightened security and requires named insurance that can be arranged (may have an additional cost).

Photography for Realtors

It is hard to get the absolute best New York Real estate agent photos. So, can we fix it in post production? A lot of the time - yes. At VistaBee we have a market leading platform and team for post production. We can remove undesired objects from photos. Within reason this is done inclusive in the price. If the weather is not ideal we replace overcast skies with blue skies by default. Is the property empty, or full of ugly furniture? Consider virtual staging! Tree outside looking sad in winter? We can add some green leaves.

Our platform enables you to access your files at any time, and you can request changes there and then, which our post production team will complete as soon as possible. No need to call or email anyone, it's all there at the click of a button.

VistaBee offers 24 and 48 hours SLAs. Within 24 working hours of placing an order we will offer you a scheduled slot and this will be no later than 48 hours of the order time. Usually we are even quicker. Your photos and videos are turned around in post-production within 24 working hours of the shoot.

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Incredible Quality

We make no compromises on quality. Our Videos and Photos are true cinematic images.

Super-Fast Turnaround

Speed is everything to us, we have a desire to get you what you want, as perfect as you want it, as quickly as we can.

Great Value

You don’t have to compromise with VistaBee, you can get quality video with an affordable price tag. Why pay more when you can get results for a great price.

24/7 Support

At VistaBee we are there for our customers 24/7. We offer free support by email and phone.

VistaBee Technology™

No shortcuts, just good old-fashioned filmmaking with VistaBee Technology™ meaning it really is like being there.

Results Driven

We’re not just about quality, speed and value for money. It’s important that your video and photography content is engaging, to get people to visit and buy your clients property, service or products.

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We believe this kind of quality and differentiation is key to both gaining instructions and importantly gaining customers' attention.

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We have had a positive experience working with them, they are an extremely professional and confident company. International buyers particularly like the video footage.

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We find VistaBee's product superior to anybody else's on the market, we use their movies because we love their quality.

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