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Join hundreds of creative filmmakers, photographers and post production specialists who have asked to be part of VistaBee, the next-generation video creation platform for individuals and business. We have thousands of film shoots across the world, from London to San Francisco. We hire talented creative individuals to become our VistaBees, creating some of the world’s highest quality video content for customers.

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How being a VistaBee works

Step 1

You're allocated a shoot/edit

Step 2

You return the files

Step 3

You get paid

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VistaBees are safe and reliable

Our VistaBees are individuals who are background checked, are reliable and safe. Each VistaBee must undergo a detailed background check, undergo a video interview and is rated for the quality of each gig they do with us, by fellow Bees and our clients. This means that they are safe, reliable and create incredible quality of work.

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Step 1

Fill out an application

Step 2

Application received and reviewed

Step 3

Video interview*

Step 4

Initial interview reviewed and approved

Step 5

Complete a secure background check

Step 6

Complete our online training programme

We’re adding VistaBees based on several factors such as skill set, location and demand, amongst others. We’re hiring town by town, city by city, so although you may apply today, we may not process for several weeks, as we receive a very high volume of applicants. Every VistaBee must complete the following application process that includes a video interview and significant background check.

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

We believe this kind of quality and differentiation is key to both gaining instructions and importantly gaining customers' attention.

Michael Luck Slater Hogg and Countrywide
Customer Testimonails

We have had a positive experience working with them, they are an extremely professional and confident company. International buyers particularly like the video footage.

Mark Pollack Aston Chase
Customer Testimonails

We find VistaBee's product superior to anybody else's on the market, we use their movies because we love their quality.

Lyndon Tiller London Property Magazine