Video of the Week: And here’s an agent selling the perfect lifestyle

Property Industry Eye, 19 September 2017

Estate agents’ videos are often a bit like Marmite – over-long, too much hard sell, annoying voice-overs and the wrong sort of music.

However, the new type of ‘lifestyle’ video is much more engaging, we think.

Next Chapter Homes, in Brentwood, Essex, has done its first such video – and we think it is very effective.

The owners and their dog (!) are played by actors; the adorable little girl is the daughter of Next Chapter Homes owner Amir Rafiai.

And there’s just enough plot to make you think that Dr Foster might be waiting vengefully on the sidelines, boiling up a few rabbits – after all, that husband is just a bit too perfect, isn’t he?

We love it!

Congratulations to the agents and video producers VistaBee.


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