VistaBee Innovate Conversions

Our short video showcases our Top 5 Innovative Property Conversions enriched with history and heritage. 

From a luxury penthouse flat converted church with a large private terrace and exquisite stained glass windows in Mount Zion to the converted Mauldslie Castle featuring castle turrets and views over the river; converting historical properties has fast become profitable business for skilled developers.  

Heavenly original features such as vaulted ceilings, gothic windows and exposed stone walls add a sense of history and space which can instantly be felt whilst watching our short video. 

These restorations often try to retain the beautiful architectural features of the ancient buildings whilst at the same time, integrate a number of 21st century features adding a sense of warmth and cosines.

The conservation of these historical buildings protects the environment and ensures they stand the test of time. 


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