CEO of Vistabee Steve Reilly - Why the focus is on movies

London Property Magazine, October 2014

How video is helping all parties in the housebuying world – giving buyers and sellers a means of viewing and showcasing their properties, while estate agents can use it to win new business. 

Video is such a powerful tool that web searches on YouTube now match those made through Google. This has implications and benefits for housebuyers and sellers, as well as estate agencies, since it meets the needs of all parties.

The benefits for buyers and sellers

From the buyer’s point of view there are good reasons to supplement the search for properties by using video.

It gives a great opportunity to stage a virtual viewing and to get a feel for a property. While it’s true that a first visit via the lens of a camera is not the same as being there in person, it does give a more accurate reflection of a property than still images, and it provides a time-saving first glimpse.

There’s also a benefit to video for sellers, because it gives an insight into the estate agency vying for your business. You can get a feel for their character when you view their property videos, and their corporate promotional videos offer a first impression of the people who work there.

You will also be able to sample the quality of marketing you can expect should you engage the agency whose video you are watching. Shaky, fuzzy, hand-held images with poor sound quality – possibly shot on a phone – will contrast with professionally-made vidoes in HD, with crisp images and sharp sound. This can confirm whether you will be engaging an agency where the people in charge are jacks of all trades who do many tasks in the business but none to any degree of mastery, or whether the agency has the resources to commission the best workers in their fields – whether that be video production, graphic design for advert, other promotional material, or stills photography.


The benefits for estate agents

Steve Reilly, founder and CEO of VistaBee, the property video production specialists, tells the story of how he first appreciated the value of video.

He says: ‘Back in 2010 I had a house on the market that just wasn’t selling. I shot some video of the home and it sold within seven days.

‘Spurred on by that success I set up VistaBee, where we offer the highest quality, most affordable video on the market. We firmly believe that video is the best way to communicate with people on-line.’
Video is a key factor in making a website successful, since there is firm evidence to show that a site’s popularity is boosted by the presence of video when compared with a text-only site.

Google favours sites that perform well regarding user interaction and in this respect video plays a big part. In the past few years people are using their PCs, laptops and – increasingly – their mobile phones to watch TV and video content, so it’s the businesses who embrace this who will benefit most.

It’s why London Property Magazines is so progressive in offering services to buyers and estate agents. Very early on we recognised the value of video and more recently we launched our augmented reality adverts and editorial in order to bring our magazine pages to life through razor-sharp HD images.

If you need figures to convice you, it is estimated that 3.5 billion videos are viewed worldwide every day. The fact is that people expect to see moving pictures and hear a spoken commentary as much as they want to see well-presented, printed material.

Social media platforms play their part, too, and the estate agencies using Facebook and Twitter are seeing the value of posting video to their feeds.

These mediums – if used well – have the same power as television advertising but with major cost savings. The secret is to create material that people are happy to share with their friends, so creativity and professionalism is key.

Video is a useful tool for encouraging buyers to provide valuable feedback, to sign up for mailing lists or newsletters and it also speaks volumes about the kind of agency you are.

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