Top 5 Luxury Swimming Pools

From a pool with a minimalist and polished design in Marlborough Place to an extravagant heated pool with incredible views at Baybridge Park- how can you not have a love affair with these wow-factor swimming pools. 

A swimming pool create a place in the home of pure ambiance, indulgence and serene tranquility to soothe the soul. The perfect place to escape and unwind in your own little piece of heaven.  

Current trends are showing a ‘less is more approach’ when it comes to pool design which can be seen in our short video. These minimalist, sleek and modern designs would have anyone drooling with pool envy. Think stainless steel, grey porcelain slabs and tranquil lighting.

Whether its built as an extension to your house, in a basement or as a separate pool house, having your own luxury swimming pool is a fantastic investment which will enhance your home, health and leisure time. 

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